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Cover for Ebook - How to choose the best of the trade


How to take a decision and make the right choice buying graphics?

At last! You just finished your own ebook after much more then a few days of hard work on it! Last checks, last glances through the text, yes, that is it - big work is done, your offspring is really wonderful one and absolutely ready to be published.

The next questions are - "What now? How I can tell customers right things about my book in few seconds? How argue them into purchase even not to talk with them? Which way to choose to show up upon my competitors and not let my book be lost on the virtual bookshelf?" And of course, how to prove your consumers your book or service is worth the money which you ask?

The best answer on this, and even more questions, very simple - you mast give your offspring noticeable, colorful, absolutely real looking and professional designed graphics outfit which will surround your product on the site and will create first (and most important!) impression about it.

Actually here is two possible ways - you will gave up your book to affiliates hands and will just wait your share to come, or will (the same time) sell it by yourself on your own web site. In first case you need just one or two ecovers to be sure your product good looking and right presented in the midst of the same others, the web site decoration in it's turn need at least six matching product theme graphics elements: header, cover for ebook itself, background image, "Order Now!" button and footer. A few different angels of view, or may be even two or more different embodiments of your creation covers will be also a good idea to present your product bright, clear and sharp.

So, you need at least one 3D image for your book, or even whole full web site graphics set designed in one matching theme (this variant is the best for one-page sites, which highly effective in one-product sales marketing today).

Now you must to decide - how you can get all graphics what you need? If you have a designer skills and familiar with some Pro- or Semi-Pro graphics redactors you obviously made attempt create all pictures by yourself, saving money, spending only your time on it, but if you haven't such skills and attainments, you must get pics somewhere else.

Actually, you have only two ways to choose from: Hire professional ecover designer, which go by your wishes will create whole kit set on high level in 2-3 days, or buy one of so-called "ecover software generator", and use it for creation cover for ebook by yourself, for yours money and God only knows for how many time.

Which way to choose, and how to make right decision? What criteria? How to estimate possible variants and spend money in right direction?

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