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Cover for Ebook - How to choose the best of the trade


How to take a decision and make the right choice buying graphics? (Part2)

First of all remember just one thing - all you need now - is !QUALITY! No matter how valuable and content rich product you trying to sell, if quality of graphical image of it will be ugly and cheap looking - no one will interested to by it, because "if it looks cheap, the place where it posed (your site) looks cheap - then itself cheap".

When visitors open your page, they initially see your graphics header, read your headline, after that looks at ecover of the book, and only after all they read your ad copy and give you a chance to occupy they attention and tell them about your product (by the way, in process of reading your copy, they often looks back to the cover image, because they need more information on the product and they get used to receive most info through they eyes!).

So, the first criteria here - Quality (kindly looking). What this mean respectively to the our inquiry? This mean ecover image must be:

- 3D, looks real and has right presented shape
- Colors must be clear, deep, well correlated (not irritating)
- All inscriptions and letters must be clear and facile to read
- All graphics in collage must be sharp and clear
- Edges lines must be soft and clear, no jaggies allowed
- Mirroring and right presented shadows - demand in our days marketing

When all this item is Ok, the overall composition is eye candy and catching attention.

You may contradict me - "This is too complicated! Nobody will not use this way to judge my products online, right?"

!ABSOLUTELY WRONG! When you just glance at the picture, in a fractions of a second you have impression on it - "Love it" or "Leave it"! Human's brain takes decision much faster then you reading this lines, and make it faultless!

If you not believe me, just try to exclude one item by one from the cover which you absolutely like: make for example colors too contrast or too dim - and you will find picture immediately become repellent on the deep sub mind level, blur fonts and your eyes will not found anything to focus on, blur collage pictures - and all cover magic will trash off with it! Finally, if the shape which you see looks deformed in strange way or have some enormous elements (bind,title page etc.) - just push it off, cover image MUST looks as close to the real thing as possible - this is a key factor in presenting intangible products on the net. Than more similar cover image of your product to the real one - then easy yours comer becomes a customer!

So, I hope now you have a much more useful information to take into account and make a right decision, don't be scrooge on things like this - saving money on the best looking graphics, you'll have multiply loss money on comers which never become yours customers because they they see poor presented things and just not fall in it.

On that page you can view a good sumples of ebook covers (click on the link)

I wish you Best of luck in your business!
With best regards,
Dima Konushenko
CEO&Master Designer of NitroCovers.com

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