eBook Cover Software revealed!
Is "Ebook Cover Software" good money investments?

Ebook Cover Software

eBook Cover Software - A exposure of the biggest myth about eBook Cover Software programs widely presented on the net and positioned as "easiest and not expensive way" to create 3D eBook Covers.

"What I must to know before buy ebook cover software for my ebook cover?"
And what they not telling us while saling us this software?

Q: How ebook cover software work and what my role in creation my own 3D cover for ebook?
A: Actually, ebook cover software, also known as ebook cover software generators, let you scale, rotate, colorize and arrange pre-prepared images which included in software package, change they opacity and add some text to. All this operations you must do by yourself including creation composition design, color scheme choice etc. In other words, you pay money to somebody and create cover by yourself. The one and only automated operation is saving your design in one image file. Besides, if you wish use in your cover graphical images which not in standard software pack, you must be prepare all of them by yourself before use in such programs.

Q: But anyway, it save my money, isn't it?
A: Formally it may save you $10-$20 in "live" money, but think a little deeper in it - as soon as you buy this software you immediately start pay for it by you time - time for studying it, time to hammer out design for your cover, time to find and prepare graphics, and so on and so forth. But the most higher price you will pay for your "economy" in case of not perfect cover design made by yourself - not ideal image of the product directly harm your business and you will continue loose money on every visitor not turned into customer due to poor expression made by cheap looking graphics.

The whole truth is - authors of this software call covers made by it "stunning", but they more close to "stagnating". Just keep your eyes open and your mind free of ad slogans. Don't forget - all cover samples on they sites made by software authors himself and presented absolute maximum design quality and ability allowed by program!


Here is a few of the top rated ebook shapes made by my hands:

ebook cover designsoftware boxreport cover

Feel Free to choose any of them, or tell me if you want something special, and I'll create 3D model exclusively for you!

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I'm absolutely sure in my best offer to you, and you can easily compare my prices and quality of my covers with other graphics artists to be sure in your choice too:
eBook Covers Creation Software
Create your own professional 3D ebook covers art. ... Ouch! Got more than one eBook
that you need covers for? That could be a $100+ each.


Ebook Covers Software & Services Reviews

Ebook covers are 2D/3D graphic covers, cases and boxes that visually represent an
intangible product, such as an ebook, software program, newsletter, or report ...


Please, visit my "Products" page to choose you future cover shapes.

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