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Hello, Dear Internet Friend! My name is Dima Konushenko, I'm
professional designer and you are welcome in my cover design studio!

On this site I offer to you my ebook cover decisions for your ebook or any other graphics for on-line products. This page only small part of my site, please visit my products page to see how many different shapes and forms your product my take, or my portfolio page to see many professional covers I made and how your books, banners and mini-sites may looks if you if you'll let me do that work for you.


Here is a two questions I often hear:

Q: Why I need 3D ebook cover, not flat 2D image?
A: The answer is obvious and based on marketing - You need present your on-line products as something real, something recognizable, and people will buy it as they shopping every day in real life.

Q: Why so many attantion to images if I can describe my book by words in my ad copy?
A: When visitors open your page, they initially see your graphics, looks at the book cover, and only after all reading your ad copy and give you a chance to occupy they attention and say something about your product. So, you have a one and only chance to catch they thoughts and turn visitors in to customers - magic attraction of virtual cover and matching whole website graphics package.

So, the most important criteria of ebook cover - Quality (kindly looking) of the cover image and whole image kit. What this mean respectively to the our inquiry?

A quality ebook cover must be:

- 3D, looks real and has right presented shape
- Colors must be clear, deep, well correlated (not irritating)
- All inscriptions and letters must be clear and facile to read
- All graphics in collage must be sharp and clear
- Edges lines must be soft and clear, no jaggies allowed
- Mirroring and has right presented shadows - demand in our days marketing

When all this item is Ok, the overall composition is eye candy and catching attention. Choose ebook cover designer very carefuly, some of them use "ebook cover software" to make ebook covers, this make they life very easy, but they covers looks cheap and directly harm your business compromising products, so, beware!

Here is a few of the top rated ebook cover shapes created by my hands:

Click on the cover to see mutching mini-stie graphical package:
ebook coverreport cover book ecover

Much more book cover and mini-sites graphics you can see on my "Portfolio" page

The general information on my services , options and prices you can see on the main page of my studio

You are free to serf, and you are always welcome! :)

Feel Free to choose any e-book cover, or tell me if you whant something special, and I'll create 3D model exclusively for you!

ebook cover

I'm absolutely sure in my best offer to you, and you can easily compare my prices and quality of my covers with other designers to be sure in your choice:


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Please, visit my "e-Cover Products" page to choose shape for your ebook cover!

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